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VF_002 Samara Villa

Самуи, Ko Samui District, Сураттхани, Таиланд
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathroom
  • 12 Guests
  • Villa / House / Townhouse

Samui villa rental

Samui – a picturesque corner of Thailand, with a well-developed infrastructure, a noisy and vibrant resorts in conjunction with the quiet, sparsely populated beaches. Everyone will like it here: the loud discos in the clubs for young people, lovers of privacy will taste the quiet and peaceful bays.

Аренда виллы на Самуи

When to go to Koh Samui

The climate on Koh Samui is different from other parts of Thailand. On Koh Samui favorable temperature for holidays from December to early June, and then from July to August – this period is considered the “high season”, which means prices for rent, restaurants, entertainment increases significantly. From September to December begins the “low season”, during this period prices are much lower.

During the hot season the temperature does not drop below 35 degrees Celsius, which Ukrainian tourists can hardly bear. The temperature drops in June and July, when the weather is much easier for tourists. But in September the rainy season begins and Samui is in bad weather.

Снять виллу на Самуи

The advantages of renting a villa on Koh Samui

You are independent of tourist schedules, noisy neighbors, other tourists. In your own villa you are your own boss.

The difference between a villa and a hotel room, you can choose your own place to eat: a cafe, restaurant or the villa kitchen, where you can cook your own food or invite a local chef.

Holiday together in a large company in a spacious villa. Those who travel together, surely know the inconvenience of hotel accommodation. Owning your own villa easily solves these problems!

A Koh Samui villa has no hotel restrictions: bring your pets and enjoy your vacation together.

Your villa is your own space, so you can do whatever you want. If you want peace and quiet, relax in peace, and if you want to have a noisy party – no one will stop you in it.

But the main advantage – it’s profitable. If you come to Thailand for more than two weeks, you are certain to feel the benefit of staying in a villa. This is due to the fact that by choosing a villa you can get a discount for a long stay.

Аренда виллы Самуи Таиланд

How to choose a villa on Koh Samui?

If you can’t decide on a villa, our experts are here to help you. Start by answering these questions:

– What type of villa do you want?
– Where should it be located?
– How many rooms should there be?
– What price are you willing to pay for it?

Once you’ve answered these questions, we can help you choose your ideal villa.

Where to stay on Koh Samui?

Can’t decide where you want to stay? Then we’ll show you some of the most popular locations to stay on Koh Samui:

Lipa Noi

Lipa Noi is a beautiful beach located in Tong Yang Bay. Lipa Noi beach is 4.5 kilometers long and starts from the waterfront of Ko Samui Hospital and ends near the naval base with a checkpoint. Lipa Noi attracts tourists with clean sand, sea with a smooth sandy bottom and a gentle way into the water. The beach is surrounded by a large number of greenery, which obscures the beach from the sun. The tourism infrastructure is not too developed, but there are sunbeds, bars and cafes.

The beach is perfect for anyone who has decided to relax in peace and quiet, without the noisy clubs and discos.


Many tourists call Chaweng the best beach on Koh Samui, and it is not without reason. Crystal water, beaches with fine white sand, picturesque nature charm everyone who gets here. The length of Chaweng is 6 kilometers, on which there are bars, restaurants, hotels, villas and bungalows. By the way, Chaweng is also considered the center of water sports, there is everything the soul desires – surfing, diving, windsurfing, jet-ski and more. And in the evening Chaweng turns into a bright and cheerful disco.

Chaweng Noi

Chaweng Noi is also a much-loved resort area on Koh Samui. He is ideal for those who like a quiet holiday, because unlike Chaweng, here you will not find a noisy discos, here is peace. Tourists are attracted by the white, fine sand, crystal clear sea with a smooth bottom. Tourist infrastructure is developed here at a sufficient level: there are cafes, showers, sun loungers, massage parlors.

Bang Po

Bang Po Beach is also a popular tourist destination. Located Bang Po in the north of Koh Samui. Its length is more than 3 kilometers. Shoreline Bang Po is covered with coarse yellow sand. When entering the water under his feet fall small stones, waves are rare here, are only during bad weather and strong winds. For tourists on the beach are presented with deck chairs, but rent chairs and beach umbrellas are not.

Bang Po is surrounded by many palm trees, which will be an excellent shelter from the sun.

Bang Khao

On the south of Koh Samui is Bang Khao beach. It is popular because of the bright fine sand, clean sea, beautiful scenery,

Tourist infrastructure is poorly developed – there are no sun beds, even for rent, so I recommend that you take care of it beforehand. There are no big clubs and bars, but there are a few stores where you can always buy everything you need. That’s why Bang Khao is an ideal place for seclusion with nature.

Chong Mon

Chong Mon is another beach in the north of Samui. The sand on the beach is fine and generally clean. Its coastline is built up with hotels, restaurants and clubs, but you can find places where there are private Thai cafes, where you can try traditional dishes and learn a little about the culture of the locals.

Chong Mon – a popular beach with tourists, in the high season it is very crowded. On the beach you can rent deck chairs and even hammocks.


To the east of Samui is one of the most popular beaches, Lamai. Conventionally, Lamai can be divided into three parts:

– North – the quietest part, where there are usually few vacationers.
– The center – the best part for swimming, where the sea is very clean. This part is usually very crowded.
– The southern part is not the most suitable part for swimming, because the sea is immediately deep, the bottom is not so clean, there are stones.
Tourist infrastructure is very developed – a lot of hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.


Part of the beach Naton is abandoned, and the second is a beach, which, although not noted for its purity, but still popular. Rest on the first part of the beach is not recommended – it is wild and neglected, the second part is a normal promenade, which is quite crowded on hot days. Unfortunately, there are no sun beds and awnings to rent.

But the infrastructure here is developed at a high level – there are stores, hotels, attractions, a few markets and a hospital nearby. On the territory of Naton is a large number of hotels and villas and bungalows.


Mae Nam Beach is a cozy and quiet corner of Koh Samui. Many tourists note that the beach is Mae Nam is ideal for family holidays. The sand here is fine and the sea is crystal clear. The entrance to the water is clean, smooth with no small stones, debris and reefs. You can rent sun loungers at Buddha Beach, near the bar.

Bo Phut

Bo Phut is a small village in the north of Samui. This is the way to go for those who want to get acquainted with the culture of the locals, because it is here has preserved the Thai-Chinese atmosphere. There are no noisy bars and clubs, but a quiet sandy beach surrounded by palm trees, and the warm sea.

For fans of shopping here are a lot of souvenir stores and mini-markets with traditional handmade accessories.

Taling Ngam

A quiet, romantic and deserted beach in Taling Ngam, located on Koh Samui. It is considered one of the best beaches on the island. The sand here is white and fine, the water is very clear, the sea bottom is flat, without small stones. It is ideal for family holidays, because it is away from the noisy cafes and restaurants.

Near the beach are hotels, villas, houses, which can be rented for a long vacation.

Bang Rak

Bang Rak is the final beach in our top list, but not inferior to the previous ones. By the way, part of Bang Rak is called Big Buddha Beach. The beach is very photogenic, in the central part you can swim comfortably. But the western part is not too well-groomed, so suitable only for walking.

Thailand – a bright and unpredictable country that surprises everyone who comes here. Samui is one of its best islands, which we recommend everyone to visit!

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