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VF_001 Villa Aye

Камала, Катху, Пхукет, Таиланд
  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 8 Bathroom
  • 16 Guests
  • Villa / House / Townhouse

Rent villa in Phuket

Thailand is one of the most popular countries among tourists. And this is not without reason, because the country welcomes everyone to the clean sandy beaches, beautiful nature, exotic cuisine, colorful sights and interesting culture of the locals.

The pearl of Thailand can be considered the island of Phuket, known for its beaches and wildly beautiful nature. Tourists love Phuket for the fact that there is something for everyone: a relaxing beach holiday bordering on a bright and extreme entertainment.

Аренда виллы на Пхукете

Dreaming of a quiet and relaxing vacation on the beach in Phuket? But the rest in the hotel, behind a wall with noisy neighbors, it is difficult to call paradise. But despite all the inconveniences, tourists continue to book rooms in noisy and stuffy hotels.

Renting a villa in Phuket – is an alternative option for anyone who wants to relax on the beach at his pleasure. Rental villa in Thailand helps to avoid many problems: dealing with intrusive neighbors, noise, small rooms, while getting a lot more pluses – a separate villa or a cozy bungalow, where you can have privacy, relax in peace.

Important: When renting a villa in Phuket on the beach level of service will not be lower than in five-star hotels. Security service, cleaning and everything you need for your comfort.

Advantages of renting villas in Thailand in Phuket:

If you are coming to Thailand for an extended period of time, a villa will be a real salvation. Renting a villa in Phuket for a month or more is a great idea, because the longer you rent, the lower the cost.

Снять виллу на Пхукете

If you come on vacation in a large group, to stay in a hotel will not be as convenient as in your own villa on the beach.

Low prices. Rental housing in Thailand in Phuket is cheaper than you think. Everyone can afford it! We are engaged in selection of villas for any budget.

What does the cost of the villa depends?

It should be noted that the price of the villa at different times of the year can be different. In fact, the cost is affected by seasonality. In the high season the price may be higher, respectively in the low season – lower.

Also the rental period affects the price: the longer you’ll be renting a villa, the lower the cost will be.

How to choose a villa?

We can help you choose the perfect villa! Our specialists will find you a house in Phuket according to your chosen criteria:

– property type
– location
– number of rooms
– price

Once you fill in all the criteria, our experts will present you all the suitable options. By the way, our team is careful to ensure that the actual villa corresponds to the photo presented to you.

Villa Rental in Laguna Phuket

Laguna Beach is one of the most popular places on Phuket Island.  Laguna Phuket is a large resort located in a tropical park.  Laguna has long been considered one of the favorite places for recreation among Ukrainian tourists, because here everyone can find services and entertainment to his liking: sports, spa, massage, tennis and golf courts, restaurants, clubs, bars, and of course the sandy beaches.

Арендовать виллу на Пхукете в Таиланде

That is why many tourists rent accommodation in Thailand in Phuket it is within the resort Laguna – well-groomed and beautiful area, developed infrastructure and stunning nature fall in love with everyone.

Rent a villa in Laguna Phuket – a great idea for a vacation for a large company.

Villa rental Patong beach

Patong is the largest beach in Phuket. Its coastline is almost 3 kilometers. This is where tourists come for the bright entertainment and fun nightlife. Along the beach is a road on which there are restaurants, bars, clubs, where everyone can find something for themselves.

Patong is considered the best place to party, dance, and loud parties. It is here we recommend large companies to come.

Renting a villa near the beaches of Patong is a good idea for those who want to relax and have fun in a noisy company.

Villa Rental Kata Beach and Karon Beach

Kata and Karon beaches can rightly be called some of the best beaches in Thailand. Karon Beach can be divided into two parts: Karon Noi Beach (small Karon) and Karon Beach (large Karon). Two parts of the beach are very clean, the water in the sea is clear. By the way, part of the beach is located in the bay, which means that the waves are much smaller – an ideal place to relax with children. Kata Beach is also divided into two parts: large and small Kata. The length of the coast of Kata is more than 1 km, the sand is very clean and the sea is also clear.

Kata and Karon are quiet, calm beaches that are ideal for holidays with children. This is why more and more families are renting villas in Phuket on Kata and Karon beach.

Villa rentals Nai Harn beach

Nai Harn – this is a real dream beach, which charms tourists with its beautiful nature and great beaches. The length of the Nai Harn beach is more than 700 meters, it is equipped with sun beds for a comfortable stay. The beach area is developed tourist infrastructure: a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars, there are exchangers, gyms, etc. Also here you can go surfing. By the way, the beach is surrounded by palm trees, which adds to the cozy atmosphere.

Renting a house in Nai Harn is a good idea for those looking for a quiet holiday in a cozy place.

Rental villa Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach – a great place to relax, stretching for more than two kilometers.  Along the whole strip grows tall palms and sprawling casuarinas, the sea entrance is smooth, without large stones and corals, there are usually no waves, and the water is crystal clear. Come here to rest from the noisy beaches, such as Patong. The beach is not so popular among tourists, so the rest here is calm and quiet.

That is why rental villas on the beach Kamala – a great idea for everyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle in peace and quiet.

Villa rental Rawai beach

Rawai is a beach located in the south of the island of Phuket, which was once a small fishing village and has now become one of the first tourist resorts. The beach is quite large – about 2 kilometers. Despite the fact that the beach is completely studded with soft sand, it is not suitable for swimming. Tourists choose Ravai for walking.

Rental villas in Surin Beach

Surin Beach is one of the most favorite vacation spots among tourists. Surin is a small beach, a length of less than a kilometer, which is famous for its silence, tranquility and atmosphere of seclusion. Surrounding the beach rocks and mountains, as well as tall palm trees and deciduous trees.  Now the tourist infrastructure is not developed here – there are no resting places, sun loungers, canopies, nightclubs, etc.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao is a long beach, located in the northwest of Phuket. It can be divided into three parts: south, north and central. The sand here is fine and soft, the entrance to the water is smooth, without any broken coral, and since November the sea is full calm, so you can swim well.

Infrastructure on the beach is excellent – there are five-star hotels, villas, cafes, golf club Black Kanyon, which is why Bangtao is considered one of the most elite in Phuket.


Naithon  – a quiet and peaceful beach, which is ideal for lovers of peaceful rest and vacationers with children. The beach is located on the north-west of the island, in a small and pleasant bay. There are a few hotels and villas. The sand on the beach is fine, light and very soft, the entry into the water is smooth and clean, in high season there are no waves. The beach is surrounded by mountains and tropical plants.


Natai Beach – one of the longest and largest beaches in Phuket, because its length is more than 10 kilometers. The sand here is soft yellow, the entry into the water is smooth, without stones, coral debris, etc., to get to the depths, you need to go a few meters. Also at Natai Beach you can find thermal springs, which are popular with tourists and locals.

Mai Khao

Mai Khao – one of the longest beaches in Phuket, its length is more than 11 kilometers. The sea here is clean and turquoise, the sand is coarse and nice, but the approach to the water is quite sharp – immediately from the shore begins depths.  On the territory of Mao Kao is located several hotels and private villas. On Mao Khao open road to everyone who loves to rest in peace and quiet, because the beach is quite deserted, even in high season here is not to meet the crowds of tourists and others.


Panwa is a perfect place for relaxation, meditation, and a quiet, unhurried vacation.

Only the eastern part of the beach is suitable for swimming; the rest of the area is more suitable for walking. Rest on Panwa is ideal for those who like to relax in nature, because the beach is surrounded by lush vegetation. Also, tourists note that this beach has a great view of the sunset.

Panwa is not very popular, the beach can be considered deserted. However, on the coast there are several bars and restaurants.

Apartments for Rent in Phuket

Coming to Phuket for a long time, all tourists have to choose the type of housing. On the island, in addition to hotels and villas can also rent apartments – from small to spacious apartments on several floors.  You can choose an accommodation as in the center, close to major attractions, and close to the beaches and tropical jungle.

Rent an apartment in Phuket – the best option for travelers coming to the island for a long period.

Luxury villa rentals in Phuket

From cheap to luxury, our team of experts can tailor a villa rental in any class you desire!

Luxury Villas are filled with luxury, beauty, and comfort, with the highest level of thoughtfulness in every detail.  These villas will amaze you with beautiful, luxurious design, beautiful nature, the best furnishings and finishes.

Rental Premium Villas are suitable for those who love and appreciate the beautiful and comfortable vacation.

Thailand is a wonderful, bright and unforgettable country, which will please every tourist. It is perfect everything: the beautiful nature, clean beaches, crystal clear sea, exotic cuisine and friendly locals.

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